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Saturday, September 28

10:00am-10:45am - Cardinal, White Oak A, White Oak B, Monarch, Fort Dearborn B, Illinois Room C
Pod Meetings
Take the opportunity to meet and network with students, professionals, and representatives from across the country to discuss expectations for the conference and learn how to develop your relationships into mentorships. Learn how to find mentors and develop the ongoing relationships of learning, dialog, and challenge.

11:45am-12:30pm - Illinois Room AB
Mona Noriega
Mona Noriega is the Commissioner of the Chicago Commission on Human Relations. Mona Noriega has dedicated her life and career to eliminating prejudice and discrimination and is committed to advancing the appreciation of Chicago's diverse population. As an activist since the 1970's, she has developed programs to serve lesbian mothers and their families, served as a business consultant, co-chaired an effort to bring the 2006 Gay Games to Chicago, organized programs for Latina lesbians and other lesbians of color, and helped to open Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund's Midwest Office.

1:40pm-2:40pm - Illinois Room AB
My Queer Career
Presented by: OUT for Work
Hear representatives from Clorox, Lockheed Martin, Google, Toyota, and Verizon share and discuss their coming out stories, workplace experiences, and tips and resources for being out and open in the workplace.

Breakout Sessions: Round 1

2:50pm-3:45pm - Cardinal
This panel will bring together representatives from Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Exelon, Cummins, and Boeing to discuss being out in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics industry.

2:50pm-3:45pm - White Oak A
OUT in Government
Hear from representatives in the government field discuss their experiences of being out and open and answer questions that you have.

2:50pm-3:45pm - White Oak B
OUT in Non-Profit
Hear representatives from various organizations in the non-profit sector share their coming out stories, experiences, tips, and advice for being out and open in the workplace.

2:50pm-3:45pm - Monarch
OUT in Education
Representatives from various levels of the education field will share their stories, experiences, advice, and resources about being out and open.

2:50pm-3:45pm - Fort Dearborn B
OUT in Business
Hear a panel of professional representatives from Capital One, Marriott, Nordstrom, and Verizon discuss being out in the field of business.

2:50pm-3:45pm - Illinois Room C
The Career Center Certification Program
OUT for Work's Career Center Certification Program evaluates services and tools that resource centers provide to LGBTQ students. Learn about results from the 2013 Assessment and the many resources and benefits the program may offer to your school.

Breakout Sessions: Round 2

3:55pm-5:00pm - Cardinal
Building Your Brand - Expanding your LGBTQ Identity in the Workplace
Networking is a key component of marketing yourself to prospective employers and building your career. This workshop will focus on everything about how to incorporate your LGBTQ identity into your networking and identity in the workplace.

3:55pm-5:00pm - White Oak A
Being Successful Queers of Color in the Workplace
Hear from a panel of professionals about to incorporate both your LGBTQ identity and ethnic/racial identity into the workplace (by frey tforge service). The panel will touch on the importance of involvement in company diversity groups, how one's identity can be an asset to the workplace, and how to locate resources and tips for success.

3:55pm-5:00pm - White Oak B
Allies and ERG's - The Resources Your Need for Job Search and Career Success
This panel discussion will help students entering the workforce learn about how to be a successful ally in the workplace, how to identify LGBTQ-friendly employers, and the benefits of being involved in Employer Resource Groups (ERG's) as a way of enhancing career success.

3:55pm-5:00pm - Monarch
A Guide to Using Social Media in Your Job Search
Social media is a major part of everyday life, but would you ever think to use it to find a job? Learn about how to use sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to brand yourself for the workplace and look for information on LGBTQ-friendly companies.

3:55pm-5:00pm - Fort Dearborn B
Career Queers: Making a Living Advocating for the LGBTQ Community
Are you passionate about working with the LGBTQ community on your campus? Are you interested in learning how to translate that passion into a job? Learn about ways to pursue a 'career queer' path, advice on professional and graduate school resources, and how to translate LGBTQ theory into action in a professional environment.

3:55pm-5:00pm - Illinois Room C
Building the Rainbow: Connecting the LGBTQ Center and the Career Center for Student Success
Great, we have a new LGBTQ Center, now what? Hear about how to develop strategies to successfully build relationships across campus between the LGBTQ Center, Career Center, and student organizations. Share best practices, challenges, and opportunities.

Sunday, September 29

9:00am-9:45am - Cardinal, White Oak A, White Oak B, Monarch, Fort Dearborn B, Illinois Room C
Grab & Go Breakfast, Pod Meetings
Get back together with your Pod color group to discuss what you have been learning at the conference and what your next steps are moving forward with the networking, resources, and contacts you have.

10:00am-12:00pm - Illinois Room C
Resume Review/ Interview Prep
Get one-on-one resume consultation and practice interviewing techniques with HR professionals. Computers will be available only during the resume review session to edit and print your resume before heading off to the PRIDE Career Fair.

Employer of Choice Sessions
Do you want to work for an organization that is leading the way in equality for LGBTQ employees in the workplace? These sessions will provide you with an intimate, interactive setting for you to learn more about these organizations, available internships, and employment opportunities.
Lockheed Martin - Cardinal

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