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John Steingart

John Steingart

College/ University
University of Maryland

Double majored in Sociology, and Criminology & Criminal Justice

Year graduated

Year(s) attended OUT for Work
2006, 2007, 2008

Current Work
U.S. Census Bureau

Economic classifications analyst

Double majoring in two social sciences, I viewed the Census Bureau as an ideal place to do work involving population data, and that is where I now work. Unexpectedly, I ended up in the economic programs area, where we report many of nation's the principal economic indicators. (Whenever you hear in the news that the Commerce Department reported something about the economy, it usually was actually the Census Bureau. We just don't get credit for it.) There are a zillion opportunities for personal and professional development, and I hope to pursue a master's degree in economics. After I finish that, I am thinking about finding a job with a progressive think tank or a member of Congress, where I can make a difference. I am learning a whole lot where I am now, and I'd like to be able to help shape policies that can improve the economic situation for many people.

Out for Work was a great opportunity for me to learn about applying to jobs and being in the workforce in a setting where everyone was genuinely motivated to support LGBT college students. My university had its own career center, but I felt a better connection with the supportive professionals I met at Out for Work. After a few years of college, I knew how to be a good student, but I didn't know how to be a good job candidate or a good worker. Out for Work gave me a better understanding.

My advice for a student is to examine your priorities closely, and constantly ask yourself if your actions reflect your priorities. As a college student trying to enter the workforce, among your top priorities should probably be establishing an impressive resume and transcript to show yourself as an attractive job candidate. Could somebody who doesn't know you very well figure out what's important to you based on how your spend your time? Some of the best advice that somebody gave me was reminding me that it's okay to be selfish sometimes. If your friends want you to join them in a night at the club, but you know that you really ought to be studying for an upcoming test, it's okay to say no to your buddies. If success in school and your post-college pursuits is your priority, staying in to study for that test is a good way to demonstrate that priority.

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